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Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus is considered a very resolvable female sexual problem. Studies demonstrate recovery rates approaching 100%. To overcome vaginismus, we publish a dependable, step-by-step guide that uses simple techniques in desensitization, control, and pain elimination.

The right approach to treatment does not require surgery, needles, drugs, hypnosis, or any highly invasive technique. Proper treatment yields fantastic, reliable results time after time. 

Solving vaginal pain and penetration issues from vaginismus has been our mission, and we care about what we do. Resolving vaginismus ends problems that may have persisted for months or years:

  • Ongoing sexual tightness, discomfort, pain and penetration problems are eliminated.
  • Unconsummated relationships remarkably transform to pain-free intercourse.
  • Internal exams, tampon insertion, and speculum insertion become smooth and easy.

Resolution is aimed to eliminate pain, release tightness, and develop easy pelvic control. Effective methods are designed to identify, express and resolve any contributing pain triggers—simplified with illustrations and troubleshooting tips at every stage. 

Having a guide neatly facilitates a self-help approach so people progress at their own pace in privacy while saving money. Consult a physician or specialist as needed if specific challenges require additional care. 

Although the self-help process works well in the healing process, we encourage consulting with any relevant specialist or physician for any area of struggle that does not resolve quickly. Why suffer or prolong treatment progress unnecessarily when a brief interaction with a specialist might make all the difference?

Some patients require or prefer an integrated approach, working directly with a physician or specialist. Busy professionals appreciate the easy coordination of progress using a guide like ours as a reference. Good information helps physicians coordinate treatment with patients appropriately.

We created the guide to make recovery easier for everyone, putting years of effective knowledge in the hands of both patient and physician. It helps tremendously to understand the entire process with all the crucial steps explained clearly and simply.

Critical steps to treat vaginismus can be confusing, even among physicians. Failure to treat properly at any point inhibits recovery for the patient and causes avoidance or abandonment of progress. A well-written guide is indispensable.

Types of Specialists

If you do need a specialist, there are various professionals that assist with the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor problems that are associated with vaginismus. Sometimes specialists can be hard to find so additional sources for vaginismus diagnostic help might include:

Gynecologists—A gynecologist is a medical doctor who has specialized training in diagnosing and treating female pelvic health issues. Although not all gynecologists have significant experience with vaginismus, they are knowledgeable professionals able to identify or rule out serious physical conditions, clarify pelvic health issues, and be an ally on a woman's road to restoration.

Physical Therapists—There are growing numbers of physical therapists specializing in pelvic floor and sexual pain disorders like vaginismus. Some will work with patients and even use our guide to set up programs, allowing women to work at their own pace with professional assistance. 

Sex therapists, psychologists, and counselors—Specialists from other fields have varying degrees of knowledge in helping patients with vaginismus. For example, mental health experts might help with emotional and relational support but lack experience in direct treatment processes. Some patients feel uncomfortable discussing their sexual difficulties with specialists, as embarrassment, shame, or anxiety are common feelings. If this applies to you, remind yourself that your primary concern is taking care of your health, and these professionals are here to help.

The guide has been continuously refined and tweaked for over twenty years. It is highly recommended by specialists around the globe—because it works!