Problem Solved

  • Overcome vaginismus
    Vaginismus is considered a very resolvable female sexual problem. Studies demonstrate recovery rates approaching 100%.
  • No guessing
    We publish a dependable, step-by-step guide that uses practical techniques in desensitization, muscle control, and pain elimination.
  • No surgery. No needles. No drugs.
    Proper treatment yields reliable results time after time. Surgery, hypnosis, drugs, and other ineffective methods are avoided.

For the past twenty years

We have developed and nurtured improvements in vaginismus treatment.

We are confident

Our program is the go-to guide for women and professionals from around the globe for successfully resolving vaginismus.

Resolving vaginismus ends problems that may have persisted for years.

Pain-Free Intercourse
Unconsummated relationships remarkably transform.

Ongoing sexual tightness, discomfort, pain and penetration problems are gone.

Internal exams, speculum insertion, tampon insertion become smooth.

What is involved in vaginismus treatment?

Effective programs include strategies for pelvic muscle control, limbic desensitization, pain elimination, and insertion/intercourse comfort.

Why a guide? Benefits

We created the guide to make recovery easier for everyone, putting years of effective knowledge in the hands of both women and professionals. It helps tremendously to understand the entire process with the crucial steps explained clearly and simply.

Having a treatment guide facilitates:

  • The self-help approach
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Easy-to-follow exercises

The guide is highly recommended and trusted by specialists around the globe—because it works!

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The integrated approach...

  • Resolve vaginismus in the privacy and comfort of your own home or in cooperation with your health care specialist
  • Consult a specialist if needed for extra assistance.
  • Busy professionals appreciate having a guide to simplify the treatment process with their patients.

Types of specialists relevant to vaginismus

Medical specialists in diagnosing and treating female pelvic health issues; knowledgeable professionals trained to identify or rule out serious physical conditions, clarify pelvic health issues, and be an ally on a woman’s road to restoration.

Physical Therapists
There are growing numbers of physical therapists specializing in pelvic floor disorders including vaginismus. They can be particularly helpful with insertion training.

Sex Therapists, Psychologists, and Counselors
These types of professionals can be helpful for resolving emotional and relational issues impeding resolution.

Celebrate victory, we've overcome!

Fortunately, vaginismus is fully treatable. Complete resolution is possible—override the internal limbic reaction to find freedom from pain and tightness. Full recovery means having unhindered, normal sexual intimacy and pleasure with your partner.

Fortunately, vaginismus is a highly treatable condition resulting in restored sexual intimacy and pleasure with your partner.