Answers to commonly asked questions about vaginismus!

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General Questions

What is vaginismus?

How common is vaginismus?

What is the difference between primary and secondary vaginismus?

Will vaginismus go away on its own?

Besides vaginismus—what else could it be?

I've Always Wondered

Could vaginismus just be “all in my head”?

Is it possible that my vagina is too small?

Could my hymen be the problem?

Can my problem still be vaginismus if I’ve had pleasurable intercourse before, but now it hurts?

Why does this happen to some and not others?

I can’t seem to have orgasms. Could this be related to vaginismus?

Treatment Questions

How successful is vaginismus treatment?

How long does treatment take?

Should I stop trying to have intercourse during treatment?

Do I need to identify the original cause of vaginismus to get over it?

As a doctor/professional, how will your program help my patients?

Should I work with a professional—physician/gynecologist, physical therapist, psychologist, etc.?

Can vaginismus recur once it has been successfully overcome?

Challenging Situations

Can you overcome vaginismus if you are single?

What if my partner isn’t supportive?

Does the resolution approach work for severe cases?

I can’t even look at myself and feel queasy just thinking about any type of vaginal insertion. How will I ever be able to make it through treatment?

I’ve suffered for over 10 years. Is it too late?

Vaginismus has taken its toll on our marriage. How do we become passionate again?

My husband is having problems keeping an erection. Any advice?

Conception & Pregnancy

I can’t have sex and my biological clock is ticking. Any advice?

If I’m unable to have pelvic exams due to vaginismus, how will I handle prenatal care while pregnant?

Will vaginismus impede the vaginal delivery of a baby? 

Will natural childbirth help relieve vaginismus by stretching the vaginal opening?

Can childbirth cause vaginismus? Can it be prevented?