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Hope&Her's completely overcome vaginismus book and cover, Interactive Guide to Pain-Free Sex, by Mark and Lisa Carter

Completely Overcome Vaginismus Book


Penetration is Not Impossible: Learn How to Conquer the Problem

Penetration is Not Impossible: Learn How to Conquer the Problem

18 Years of Vaginismus Experience

The newly revised Completely Overcome Vaginismus is the knowledge source for women seeking help and comfort from sexual pain. Mark and Lisa Carter effectively clarify the mystery of vaginal muscle tightness that often causes pain at the onset of intercourse.


The easy-to-read book allows every women to follow simple exercises in each chapter as they get closer to overcoming vaginismus, all in the privacy and security of their own home.

Pages from vaginismus book showing woman dancing and chapter on physical intimacy
Pages from vaginismus book, couple hugging on bench and chapter overview of transitioning to intercourse

All the Information Needed


  • Vaginismus overview
  • Pelvic floor control
  • Pain elimination
  • Gradual desensitization
  • Trainer exercises
  • Transition to intercourse steps
  • Advice on intimacy and desire for couples



  • Exercises and questions
  • Journal entries
  • Tips for progressing through trainer sizes
  • Intimacy and desire advice
  • Fully illustrated with colorful and bold images
  • Helpful diagrams
  • Private Facebook group access
Two pages from vaginismus book showing pelvic muscle combo exercises, diagrams, and sample exercises

Specialist Reviews

"...Best we have ever seen!! The content, set-up of the content, thoroughness of descriptions and diagrams make it so easy to follow. Everyone should know about your books."

Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner
Internationally recognized sexual therapists, educators and authors

"I am very pleased with your product … patients come in early to read the book and many have asked how to get a hold of the workbook."

Hollis Herman, MS PT OCS BCIAC-fellow

"I am a physical therapist that treats women with pelvic pain … I have your books and find the information in them beneficial for my patients."

Giselle Roedel, DPT

"I have treated women with vaginismus for over 20 years. Your products, and especially your books, are very helpful. They take the woman through a series of steps from education about vaginismus, exercises to prepare them for fixing the problem, and beyond. I use your materials, along with coaching women through difficult times and helping their partners understand what is happening, all with an excellent success rate. As you say, vaginismus is highly treatable. Congratulations on your most helpful work."

S. Ann Hartlage, Ph.D.
Director, Marital and Sex Therapy Program

Customer Reviews

(Names Kept Anonymous for Privacy)

"I have moved through all 10 steps now and my husband and I have been able to have sexual intercourse! It is very exciting to overcome a problem that had consumed my life in the past. Thanks again for a very successful and encouraging program!!"

"Hi, I bought one of your treatment packs and I'm really pleased with the results so far, so thank you very much! I think the tone of your book is brilliant and it is a great help knowing there are people who understand what I'm going through … Thank you again"

"The book is great and I love the journal. The best part is the "leading" questions. Sometimes it is hard to think why you have this problem. The questions make you think of all angles … it is the best program … nobody understood my issue like you do."

"I purchased your 10-steps book and have been going through all the steps. It is the most comprehensive and helpful information I have found about vaginismus and overcoming it."

"I love the positive tone of the book. Though shame and fear are thoroughly covered, you don't stay there … physical treatment section was excellent. I know this is your area of expertise and it really showed."

"It is awesome and I like the idea that everything is discussed in great detail for me to understand why things are happening the way it does! Already, just by reading the book, I'm starting to feel like a new person … I just wanted to thank you"

"First of all, I am glad to say that my girlfriend and I are past vaginismus!!! She had a combination of Primary and secondary vaginismus... Your book was the best that I have found … I own about 5 on the subject, and yours, hands down is it. I think people are looking for the step-by-step "procedure" if you want to call it that … In short, your book is awesome"

"I am extremely grateful … when I received the books and read about vaginismus I finally realized that I was not alone. Like many, many women, I had been to my gynecologist several times and she said that there was nothing wrong with me. She could not offer me explanation as to why any attempt at intercourse was so very painful … after about one and a half months … I was able to have intercourse."

"I had been using vaginal dilators for 5 months … I tried several times to have i/c with my husband, but never could. Your book gave me the clues to attempt i/c without problems … I have strongly recommended your book in some support groups because I think it can help many women like me. Pls keep on helping women and thank you very much."