Solving Sexual Pain

Helping women overcome painful sex and penetration problems—vaginismus, vaginal atrophy, GPPPD, and similar conditions

Real Solutions for...

  • Ongoing painful sex
  • Unconsummated couples
  • Vaginal tightness/burning with sex
  • Age-related sexual pain
  • Pain after surgery, cancer, or childbirth
  • Pelvic exams, tampon problems


When sex or penetration is painful or uncomfortable without explanation it is frequently due to a condition known as vaginismus. Vaginismus is vaginal tightness causing discomfort, burning, pain, penetration problems or complete inability to have intercourse. It may occur at any age, even after enjoying intercourse previously, and most women suffering with it don’t even realize they have it.


Vaginal atrophy & treating estrogen-related changes

Sexual pain can develop after years of pleasurable intercourse. Did you know that diminished estrogen levels due to age, childbirth, cancer treatments, or surgery may result in vaginal atrophy?

Helping you prepare for conception and childbirth

Is painful or impossible intercourse interfering with your desire to grow your family? Vaginismus brings unique challenges before and during pregnancy but solutions are available to help you fulfill your dream of having a family.

Rarely talked about... except here!

You are not alone. Find friendship, support, and healing through our online support groups and private Facebook group.

Celebrate victory, we've overcome!

Fortunately, vaginismus is fully treatable. Complete resolution is possible—override the internal limbic reaction to find freedom from pain and tightness. Full recovery means having unhindered, normal sexual intimacy and pleasure with your partner.

Fortunately, vaginismus is a highly treatable condition resulting in restored sexual intimacy and pleasure with your partner.

Feedback & Reviews

I have treated women with vaginismus for over 20 years. Your products, and especially your books, are very helpful. They take the woman through a series of steps from education about vaginismus, exercises to prepare them for fixing the problem, and beyond. I use your materials, along with coaching women through difficult times and helping their partners understand what is happening, all with an excellent success rate. As you say, vaginismus is highly treatable. Congratulations on your most helpful work.
S. Ann Hartlage, Ph.D., Director, Marital and Sex Therapy Program

Hi all, I just wanted to share that after months of all this adventure with the [inserts] and the book with the step by step I just had intercourse for the first time! I feel so powerful and proud of myself! We can do this!!!

I am finally responding to your books: They are the best we have ever seen!! We will use them for our clients from now on. The content, set-up of the content, thoroughness of descriptions and diagrams make it so easy to follow. Everyone should know about your books.
Joyce Penner & Dr. Clifford Penner, World renowned sex therapists & authors

Thanks for your work! I followed your instructions described in the book and now I realize everything much better and have no problems with intercourse... Nobody could help me before I found your website!

Completely Overcome Vaginismus is a great self-help option for women who are ready to take control over their vaginal penetration problem. Lisa and Mark (Carter) designed a thorough educational program firmly based on current research knowledge and written with the sensitivity of a couple who know the fears and hopes that come with working to find solutions.
Elke Reissing, Ph.D., C.Psych. Human Sexuality Laboratory, University of Ottawa

I would just like to send a belated thank you to you and your company. We now have a little baby boy and without your help I doubt he would be here. Thank you!

I had sex yesterday for the first time in 12 years!!!!! My parts still work!

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