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Our story - why we want to help

Vaginismus (also known as Genito-Pelvic Penetration Disorder) is by far the dominant cause of couples being unable to complete penetration. It is widely considered one of the most misdiagnosed and misunderstood of all medical conditions. For over 20 years, we have aimed to change that by providing women and clinicians with effective and reasonably priced resources.

We know what it is like to struggle with this stressful condition, and spent months as a young couple asking ourselves - Why is this happening? Will it ever get better? Will our marriage survive? Having personally experienced the devastating effects of vaginismus, it is our desire for women to know that hope, healing, and freedom from vaginismus is absolutely available. It is a fully treatable condition.

In the past, the condition was hardly mentioned in mainstream medical literature. We persisted in seeking solutions, with extensive medical research, specialist consultations, and trial-and-error attempts at resolution. Piecing together a successful method to treat vaginismus truly was a herculean task.

After we made it through and resolved it, we couldn’t help thinking about the tremendous struggles other couples were experiencing in trying to get help. Almost no help was out there, even in major cities with excellent medical facilities. Intelligent, effective resources were needed, together with compassionate care and support. We felt led to put a program together in book form, and began a side-mission to help others with it.

Since then our successful program, products, and supportive community have helped couples from all over the world overcome vaginismus and restore intimacy. Our products are regularly used by hospitals, clinics, and healthcare professionals worldwide for vaginismus and also for conditions such as vaginal atrophy, and post-cancer recovery. The mission continues with improvements in support options and completed translations into Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, and Russian languages.

Our staff strives to provide excellent customer service and replies to all emails and inquiries within the same or next business day. We welcome questions and feedback and love to hear from those who have been helped by our website and products.

Mark & Lisa Carterhopeandher.com, San Diego, California, USA