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Specialist Feedback

"I have treated women with vaginismus for over 20 years. Your products, and especially your books, are very helpful. They take the woman through a series of steps from education about vaginismus, exercises to prepare them for fixing the problem, and beyond. I use your materials, along with coaching women through difficult times and helping their partners understand what is happening, all with an excellent success rate. As you say, vaginismus is highly treatable. Congratulations on your most helpful work."
S. Ann Hartlage, PhD
Director, Marital & Sex Therapy Program

"I think your products are great. I recommend them to many of my patients."
Roger Ferland, MD

"As a pelvic floor therapist, I recommend vaginal dilators frequently to help patients assist in their own care. These dilators are perfect. They have a handle which makes it easy for my patients to use, discreet so you can carry them without embarrassment and compact so that they can take them anywhere. Thank you for creating a great product!"
Hina Sheth—MS, PT, OCS, MTC
Rebalance PT, Narberth/ Philadelphia, PA

“A patient mentioned your kit to a physiotherapy colleague who mentioned it to me. I love your product. Thank you for having the fortitude to produce it. I will certainly be promoting it in my gynaecology practise and to my OBGYN colleagues.”
Dr. Jackie Stacy
Melbourne, Australia

"I am very impressed with the price of the product. It is much more affordable than what I have recommended to patients in the past."
Sasha Jackson, MPT

"I am very pleased with your product … loved the dilators because they have a handle and are easier for patients to use . . . patients come in early to read the book . . .”
Hollis Herman, MS PT OCS BCIAC-fellow

"We use the vaginal dilators to assist in lightly stretching the pelvic floor muscles … Patients are very happy with the results and by giving them the dilators they feel that they are taking an active role in their treatment/recovery. Thank you for your help with these patients."
Amy Stein, MPT
Beyond Basics Physical Therapy

“Completely Overcome Vaginismus is a great self-help option for women who are ready to take control over their vaginal penetration problem. Lisa and Mark (Carter) designed a thorough educational program firmly based on current research knowledge and written with the sensitivity of a couple who know the fears and hopes that come with working to find solutions.”
Elke Reissing, PhD, C.Psych
Human Sexuality Lab, University of Ottawa

"I was involved as a psychotherapist with a client who had suffered with vaginismus for 5 years since her marriage. The kit was excellent. She followed the exercises including writing in the journal and now describes herself as an 'overcomer'. Unfortunately, she did much of this without the support of her partner as the marriage was failing. However, she did have her first penetrative sexual experience with him after using the kit. I am not trained as a sex therapist specifically, and the (developing) country I was working in did not have any sex therapists that I could refer her to (or any therapists for that matter - that was why I was there). The kit allowed me to help this young woman in ways that working just therapeutically would not have done. She was so relieved to find out that her vaginismus a) had a name and b) was a common condition that could be fairly easily overcome … I am now back in U.K. and would recommend the kit to anyone with the same condition. Keep up the good work.”
Barbara Smith, MA, Psychotherapist
(UKCP registered)

"I am a sex therapist with a multidisciplinary group of MDs and clinicians. One of my patients with dyspareunia came in with your kit last week and I was embarrassed not to have heard of it but pleased that such materials exist. … From what I've seen it appears that it would be an excellent adjunct to treatment for many of our patients, and I would love to know more about it. Thanks so much.”
Elizabeth Norman, M.Ed. LMFT LPC
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (Diplomate)

"The set comes with a universal handle that easily attaches to the dilator end … and easily inserted by patients … effective and priced well."
Beth Shelly, PT BCIA-PMDB
APTA Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy

“Thank you so much for putting out such an excellent product. I am a psychiatrist in New York City that thinks very highly of your program and technique. I know that people are often searching for clinicians to help them through this difficult process but do not have a doctor or therapist to help them (if they can't complete it on their own). If you keep a referral base of clinicians around the country that are very familiar with your technique, please feel free to refer my way. I am located in Park Slope in a private practice and one of my interests is women's mental health. Thanks so much for the work that you do.”
Kari Groff-Denis, MD
Brooklyn, NY

"I am a medical doctor turned counsellor interested in women's health issues in fertility and sexuality. I saw this book Completely Overcome Vaginismus with a client and found it to be really excellent and validated information. The illustrations and contents are simple and yet comprehensive. I can vouch for the fact I have learned more about Vaginismus through this book than even in my undergraduate medical training a decade ago. I appreciated the references and bibliography listed too. As a counsellor I like the way you have integrated the emotional aspects of sexuality and sexuality problems seamlessly into a self healing and self help approach to treating Vaginismus. … Please accept my congratulations on a great product and also the courage to speak about women's sexual concerns in a way that honors what it is be a woman."
Sadhana, MD

"I have received your products today. They seem very useful and I am very grateful and appreciative.”
Barbara Green, MBACP, GHR
Chesterfield Relate Psychosexual Therapist

"I am a physical therapist that treats women with pelvic pain. I am interested in your dilator set… I have your books and find the information in them beneficial for my patients."
Giselle Roedel, DPT

"Thank you very much for sending me your kit .... I'd like to start my clinic having at least 10 kits on hand .. to help my patients... Thank you"
Mary Kendell, MS WHCNP
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept. OBGYN
George Washington University

"I am a physical therapist in WV and a member of the APTA's Women's Health Section. I saw … your vaginismus kit in the journal I receive. I know of several female patients who struggle with dyspareunia and would be in need of a product such as this. Thank you!”
Jamie Mergenthaler, PT

"I recently took the APTA Certification of Achievement for Pelvic Physical Therapy course work and information was that your company is a good referral source for our patients. I am interested in referring patients … I appreciate your assistance."
Edith Arguelles, PT
North Coast Physical Therapy

"We are sexual therapists, authors and speakers and have been in practice treating vaginismus for almost 30 years … We are very pleased to find you and your work. It is excellent. … I have also recommended your web site … I am finally responding to your books: They are the best we have ever seen!! We will use them for our clients from now on. The content, set-up of the content, thoroughness of descriptions and diagrams make it so easy to follow. Everyone should know about your books … we will definitely have them on our book table at our seminars."
Dr. Clifford & Joyce Penner
World renowned sexual therapists, educators & authors

“I am a physical therapist treating many people with pelvic floor related problems. I find that this population is vastly underserved and feel that many are not aware of the services and help they can get. This website is very helpful. I want to commend this website in providing information and support to those suffer from these problems!”
Bella Physical Therapy, Fair Lawn NJ

"…patients who have pelvic floor dysfunction, vaginismus, vulvodynia, and vulvar vestibulitis are very impressed with the design of your dilators … the tapering of the tip of your design is easier for insertion and the handle component allows for more control."
Pamela Morrison, BA, PT, MS, BCIA-PMDB
Pamela Morrison Center for Physical Therapy

"I am a physical therapist specializing in women’s health and have several patients with vaginismus or dyspareunia. I just finished reading your book and it is excellent and very helpful. I have already recommended it to two of my patients… I found it very well written, easily understandable for a lay-person, and a much needed resource… I like that your dilators are tapered at the end for greater ease of insertion... I will be taking them to a talk I am giving to a support group as well. I like your website and continue to refer people to both the website and your products. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from my patients in response."
Susan Decker, PT
The Rehabilitation and Health Center

"The books already arrived on Thursday the 28th of January. Very impressive, will tell my clients to order directly from you, as it is much cheaper then getting it locally."
Matty Silver
Sexual Health Therapist

"I have just seen your books from a patient and love the diagrams (plus the books). I have ordered 2 sets for our clinic and patients... Thank you for your great web site and your products.”
Mary Wood, PT
Cura Physical Therapies

“Your patient education materials have been an indispensable addition to patient care in my practice. Thank you for highlighting this significant, often disabling and under-diagnosed condition. As a Gynecologic Surgeon specializing in pelvic floor disorders, I have worked closely for years with physiotherapists who specialize in treating vaginismus for women of all ages. Your website has added greatly to the care of our patients.”
Antonio Pizarro, MD
Shreveport, LA

"I am a psychosexual therapist working for myself and for the NHS, in England. One of my clients has just shown me your book. I am interested in using it here … I am very impressed with the book that she has shown me."
Pat Clark, BASRT & UKCP accredited
Psychosexual Therapist/RGN

“Hello! I am so happy that the dilator kits are back in stock! They are my favorite kit and are still the most economical!”
Kelly Feddema, PT
Mankato, MN

"I am a medical doctor and specialist in sexual health in Australia. I have recently received a copy of your book on vaginismus which I found an excellent resource. Apart from my practice I have a family company that provides books and products to the sexual health profession in Australia and New Zealand...Because of the value I found in the two books I would like to offer them to the Australian practitioner and their patients/clients."
Dr Rosie King
Intimate Solutions Pty, Ltd

“I think the website is a fabulous resource for women with vaginismus. There is no reinventing the wheel nowadays with such great resources like yours available. I am very happy to make a comment. Kind regards, Jocelyn”
Jocelyn Klug, Director
Relate Counselling & Consulting
Cert Sexual & Reproductive Health, Sex Therapist
President ASSERT QLD Inc, Vice-President ASSERT National www.2relate.com.au

"I purchased a sample set of your dilators to review for my practice (sex therapy) … I showed them to a client along with the kit I have been using and they quickly chose your set without consideration of price.”
Dr. Michael Sytsma
Building Intimate Marriages, Inc

“Thank you so much for your generous contribution of your samples and brochures. I have been giving the patients a page I printed from your website so will use the brochures instead. I have also told physicians I work with about your product being my favorite. The handle really helps the patients to reach to use the dilators themselves better. Thank you also for your fast delivery. I received the dilator sets today. Thank you so much.”
Colleen R. Sandro, MS, PT, COMT, BCIA-PMDB
OhioHealth Neighborhood Care Rehabilitation Dublin

"I am a physical therapist who specializes in treating female pelvic pain syndromes in a hospital-based clinic. A large population of my patients suffer from vaginismus, along with vestibulitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, etc, etc, etc. Many times I recommend and use vaginal dilators in patients' clinic and home treatment. I was introduced to your vaginal dilator set with handle last year by a patient who came across your website & had some success with your product. I would like to be able to offer my PT's as many types/styles of dilator as are available, and have already given many written information on your product. Many patients like the idea of the handle, whereas most other dilators do not have this feature. Thank You.”
Linda Mufich, PT
Women's Rehabilitation Services/Therapy Plus Clinic
Shawnee Mission, KS

“I am a clinical sexologist with a specialty in pelvic, sexual and chronic pain. I'll be speaking next week on diagnosing and treating vaginismus at the annual conference for AASECT (American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists). I'm a big fan of your website and wondered if I may have permission to reproduce any of your content in my slides (along with a reference to your site, of course). Thank you for all that you do to help women and couples. I look forward to hearing back from you.”
Heather S. Howard, MBA, PhD, ACS
Board Certified Sexologist
The Center for Sexual Health & Rehabilitation
San Francisco, CA www.SexualRehab.com

“I am a Physical Therapist at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. My specialty area is treatment of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Do you suggest an introductory packet that I can purchase to show to my patients? Currently, one of my patients brought your dilators to me and I am helping her to use them. They were given to her by her physician at the University of Michigan. I am especially impressed with them because of the handle. It makes it very easy to treat deeper trigger point areas which are hard to reach. Great product.
...You are welcome to post my message on your website. There are a group of us at Beaumont who treat Pelvic Floor dysfunction. It's always good for us to expand our knowledge to help our patients find good products.”
Stephanie Ruseckas, PT
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI

“I am a Physical Therapist specializing in women's health. Over 90% of my practice is pelvic pain, mostly Vaginismus and unconsummated marriages. I was wondering if I could be sent some of your materials as samples to show my patients? That would be so great! I also have a close working relationship with Penner & Associates in Pasadena, CA, who I know recommend vaginismus.com to all their clients.”
Heather Jeffcoat, DPT
Sherman Oaks, CA

“I chose your dilators because they are lower cost, and appreciate that ... We have a PT who will be training in pelvic floor biofeedback and so I think we will have more need ... I just ordered a kit to see if that might be helpful for young women who don't seem to know anything about their anatomy, sex, etc.”
Stephanie Buehler, Psy.D.
Lic. Psychologist & AASECT Cert. Sex Therapist
Director, Behavioral & Sexual Health Services
The Center for Optimal Health, Irvine CA

"I am a retired Academic Orthopedic Surgeon. I have found two non-vaginal uses for your vaginal dilators: 1: Treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids with excellent results in a short period of time when all else had failed. Continued use advisable. 2: 14 years post successful Radical Prostatectomy for cancer, I had very annoying nocturnal urinary frequency, interrupting normal sleep. Use of your second largest dilator to gently massage the scarred prostatic bed has completely relieved this very troublesome problem. As a physician I wanted to pass on this information to you. Thank you and God Bless you and your work! Many thanks. You have made my life much more pleasant."
Donald S. Pierce, MD  

“The dilators arrived today, thank you very much. All my staff are very impressed with both the product and the price. I will start recommending them to our patients and in the new year will probably purchase some sets so that we can give them to patients who cannot afford them or who cannot access/use the internet to obtain a set directly from you. If you don't mind I will also discuss your product with my counterparts at our other main hospitals in Perth - so you never know you might have orders flooding in! Once again, thanks . . and well done on a great product which is well presented.”
Gae Lindsay, Nurse Manager
Perth Radiation Oncology, Royal Perth Hospital
Western Australia

“I am a physical therapist who is starting a practice in Santa Cruz, CA that specializes in women's health/pelvic floor rehab. I have encouraged many patients when I worked in Portland, OR, to use your dilator set and found great results.”
Heatherjean DeFord, MPT
Santa Cruz, CA

“I'm a physical therapist at a fitness center owned by Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, IL. During one of my clinicals while a student at Northwestern, my "pelvic floor" clinical instructor always recommended your website and dilator sets to patients. ..”
Taylor Laurence, PT, DPT
Arlington Heights, IL

“You have a truly wonderful website and service to which I refer patients every week.”
Elizabeth Kemper, MPT, BCIA-PMDB
Sovereign Rehabilitation
Decatur, GA

“I have a dedicated pelvic floor rehabilitation clinic here in South Africa. I have investigated all sorts of dilators and we are very happy with your product.”
Lizelle Grindell
Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
South Africa

“As a physical therapist with over ten years of experience in the field of pelvic pain, 15 years of physical therapy experience in all, I have found this site to be wonderfully accurate and thorough. Overcoming vaginismus and chronic pelvic pain conditions can be a daunting task, and having accurate and reliable sources to reference is an invaluable tool. You don't have to live with pain; you can overcome vaginismus. To everyone at Vaginismus.com, thank you for a wonderful website and thank you for your efforts.”
Peter A. Philip MS, PT
New Caanan, CT

“I'm a Brazilian PHD Pelvic Floor Physical therapist treating pelvic pain, including vaginismus, and have heard wonderful things about you from other therapists in the same field. First of all, I would like to congratulate your website with the complete approach for the treatment. As well I would like to know if is possible for you to mail me some pamphlets or brochures for patient use. I must refer patients to purchase their own treating equipment here in Brazil (such as dilators, workbooks, etc.). Thank you in my name and in the name of my patients”
Dr. Mirian Kracochansky

"I am a Clinical Psychologist working with women with Vaginismus here in Sydney, Australia. I was impressed with the presentation of all your products – they all look good and the book and web site are informative and both easy to read, and understand. The patients I see who have received your products have been helped immensely by the prompt service; the web site; and the follow up service. This package has helped them to learn and understand about Vaginismus and feel supported in their quest for overcoming this difficult and often misunderstood problem."
Jessica Medd, Clinical Psychologist,
Dept of Urology, Concord Hospital
Concord, N Australia

“Thank you for your participation in our Treatment of Bowel, Bladder, and Pelvic Floor Disorders course last month. We appreciate your donation of the Complete Vaginismus Treatment Kit and a set of vaginal dilators for our silent auction...Your generosity in assisting with this course is greatly appreciated. We hope to work with you again in the future.”
Larry Pan, Ph.D., PT
Professor & Chair
Dept of PT, College of Health Sciences,
Marquette University

“I am a Women's Health physical therapist in Shreveport, LA. I have heard some great things about your product, but I would like to receive some information personally from your company. Would you please send me some information, so I can pass it on to my patients? I would immensely appreciate it.”
Samantha Thiemann, PT, DPT
Shreveport, LA

“Thank you very much Lisa. The package arrived safely. I'm really impressed with your books - you've done a great job! I can think of so many of our patients who would benefit from reading them. I was recommended to your website through the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Women's Health. I am a Physiotherapist in Ottawa, Ontario who runs a clinic specializing in pelvic pain, seeing large numbers of women suffering from dyspareunia and vaginismus. A colleague has recommended your book as a resource for positions for intercourse following treatment. Thank you.”
Caroline Allen, PT
Pelvic Support Physiotherapy
Nepean, ON, Canada

“I am a physical therapist at PT Northwest, LLC, and I recently attended a course through the Herman and Wallace Institute and they highly recommended your products. I have found it very helpful to have the product on hand as a visual aid before suggesting that my patients purchase the product. I appreciate your services and your willingness to help me better serve my patients!”
Erin DeVoy, DPT
PT Northwest, LLC
Salem, OR

“After a 14-year battle with vaginismus, I personally overcame this condition using the Completely Overcome Vaginismus program… Obviously, the resources offered . . have proven invaluable for both me and my clients. Using the information provided through this website, thousands of women are overcoming vaginismus and moving forward with their lives. I, for one, am eternally grateful for this service.”
Kathy Cordell, Life Coach

“As a psychosexual therapist I think that your site is really useful…both for me as a professional and for clients … thank you.”
Nigel Madin, Psychosexual Therapist
Saltergate Health Centre
Chesterfield, UK

“What a great resource for my patients! Your site is terrific and full of great advice and resources for help. I am giving a talk about dyspareunia at the upcoming SUNA meeting and would like to use some information from your site - may I do so with appropriate referencing of the site? Thanks!”
Lora Plaskon, MD, MSE
Evergreen/Athena Urology
Kirkland, WA

“Hello, I am a physical therapist working in women's health at Kaiser Permanente. I use dilators with patients in the clinic to help them work with pelvic pain issues including pelvic floor muscle hypertonicity, scarring and dyspareunia. I have been referring patients to your website to acquire their own dilators for home use, however it would be a great benefit to have a set in the clinic (especially the smaller diameters) so that the patients would have something to see, touch, and feel, to help them make a decision about which kind to buy. Is it possible to send a sample of your dilator set that I could use in the clinic in this way? Thank you.”
Heather Ford, PT
Kaiser Permanente
San Rafael, CA

“As a psychotherapist who works with vaginismus patients, I am very satisfied with your product. After every psychotherapy session, I have been asking women to try dilators either in clinic or at home as a homework. Results are great, very impressive! So far, all women have managed to cope with reflexive contractions of PC muscles by means of using them. Many thanks.”
Sehnaz Canigur Kutluk, PHD

"Thank you so much … I am excited to be able to give this some coverage – I know so many women who have suffered from it, and even more women who don’t know there is a name – or a solution – to the problem."
Kate Rae, Senior Features Editor
Glow Magazine