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"My husband and I have been able to have sexual intercourse! It is very exciting to overcome a problem that had consumed my life in the past. Thanks again for a very successful and encouraging program!!"

"Your products have fixed my broken self. For the first time, I don’t feel like damaged goods. After the sexual abuse I’ve experienced in the past, I thought that sex would never be fun. My boyfriend and I worked together with your [book] program and all I can say is that I’m amazed. I wish that every woman who is experiencing difficulties with sex is able to find your website. I’ve already spread the word to a couple of friends who have also experienced sexual trauma as a guide to achieve a healthy relationship. I am sure you read emails such as this all the time. Just know that I believe your products are worth every penny. Thank you."

"I ordered dilators through your website and they're great! I am so glad there is a website like yours, dedicated to helping woman like me attain normal sex lives. Keep up the good work and thanks!"

"Very helpful indeed...I was able to have sex for the first time!...The book was written in a very clear and concise manner...It answered all the questions/doubts that I had. So, thanks once again...your help is much appreciated."

"I wanted to send you all my many THANKS to you for your help... Sex is easy and painless for us now and we hope that other couples will not be ashamed to admit their problems and seek help. Victory can be accomplished and the reward is so VERY worth it. Thank you for providing this help to many couples."

"I’m a forty-year-old woman who hasn’t been able to have intercourse for many years. One day I found your site, I bought your vaginismus kit and in 15 days my huge problem was solved. Thank you!"

"I must thank you for this wonderful treatment information and resources. We were able to resolve our 4-year-old issue in one week. We had visited several doctors before this, but not a single person suggested anything close...Thanks again for providing the wonderful information." "The dilators are great, thank you so much for offering them at a reasonable price. I couldn't have overcome vaginismus without them."

"[The] support groups have been such an excellent opportunity for encouragement and progress in my journey. I have been so blessed to form a sisterhood with real women facing the same real struggles and overcoming together!"

"Your products were extremely helpful. I am now cured of this long occurring problem. Thank you!"

"Found the treatment successful...undiagnosed for years and as soon as I found out what it was I researched it...Thank you very much for helping me move on from what has been a really worrying time for me."

"I don't even know how to thank you for helping me overcome one of the biggest obstacles in my life! Before I purchased your kit, I was convinced I would never be able to experience sex...To say the kit was effective would be an understatement! THANKS AGAIN!"

"I am so thankful that I tried your product...I can finally say I consummated my marriage. It's just wonderful to feel pleasure instead of pain. Thank you again"

"My husband and I have been able to enjoy intercourse again! Thank you so much!"

"Hope&Her has provided life changing support for me. It is invaluable to find a group of women going through the same experience. I’m so grateful to have a place to share my struggles."

"Thank you so much for helping me...we are finally able to have a normal intimate life. We got pregnant my 1st month after I completed the program! Thank you."

"Just to let you know I purchased dilators and book from you a couple of months ago. And on Wednesday we finally had intercourse! We can't thank you enough it has changed our lives."

"I had sex yesterday for the first time in 12 years!!!! My parts still work!"  

"I just wanted to thank you for your website and your vaginismus kit. I am 39 years old and was unable to have intercourse until now... a whole world of possibilities is open to me: marriage, a family, a fulfilling sex life. Thank you so very much!"

"I think your kit is amazing. When we were virtually unable to have sex after my daughter's birth, I spoke to my midwife, went to 2 ob/gyn and to lots of appointments with my GP. I had scans and examinations, and all they could come up with was a diagnosis of possible "deep tissue bruising" from the birth - explained to me as similar to a shoulder injury the ob had experienced skiing! He said the pain could take up to 2 years to go away. They also mentioned the possibility of dyspareunia or vaginismus, but weren't able to give any kind of definitive diagnosis or treatment program. I just thought this was ludicrous."  

"Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment program – it’s changed my life and helped me get over vaginismus, a condition I was beginning to think, had no cure...I have finally become an Overcomer!"

"First of all, I want to say what an amazing journey I’ve been through with the help of your book, Completely Overcoming Vaginismus! Before I started to complete this program, I was not even able to insert my pinky finger into my vagina . . Real intercourse with my wonderful husband now seems a close possibility as opposed to something that seemed like it would never happen. So thank you!!!"

"Very useful...illustrations and suggestions are very helpful and it is so nice to read something that affirms how we feel as vaginismus sufferers...For me personally, the affirmations...and the suggestions on how to use the dilators more effectively were particularly useful...My therapist...noted the usefulness of the book and the benefits to be had from using the affirmations and will be recommending the kit to other vaginismus sufferers."

"After about 10 years of not having decent intercourse, things are "working" again. I am really grateful that the solution was so simple."

"Very helpful and informative. After investigating all the information I could find concerning this matter, I felt that your company had the edge and I decided to try your product. I am very happy that I did. It is a very sensitive subject and I feel that you handle it very professionally. Thank you again."

"I really appreciate this [support] group! I’m very grateful to be part of this community and for the sense of unconditional acceptance it provides."

"My husband and I experienced undiagnosed primary vaginismus for 3 years, and finally had the joy (after purchasing your kit and completing the workbooks and therapy) of consummating our marriage on our anniversary! In our bliss, we didn't even think about contraceptives, and conceived on our 6th time together! We are so joyful to be carrying a baby girl who is due in just 4 weeks, and even more blessed to have run into other couples who are/were in our same situation with whom we have shared your website."

"First of all, I am glad to say that my girlfriend and I are past vaginismus!!! She had a combination of Primary and secondary vaginismus...Your book was the best that I have found...I own about 5 on the subject, and yours, hands down is it. I think people are looking for the step-by-step "procedure" if you want to call it that...In short, your book is awesome."

"Hi, I bought one of your treatment packs and I'm really pleased with the results so far, so thank you very much! I think the tone of your book is brilliant and it is a great help knowing there are people who understand what I'm going through...Thank you again."

"[I] wish to congratulate you on putting this together. It has been a great help to me...I have conquered my 10-year problem...I have to say, thanks to you there is information available for people now to help them get through this problem and that I had wished for [information] all these years. I am delighted that I went ahead and ordered the full kit. I didn't realize that so many women suffered from this problem. Any woman out there who is suffering - order the kit and I guarantee that you'll overcome this very quickly. It took me about 2 months and I'm thrilled."

"Me and my husband want to thank Mark and Lisa Carter for this great book and all the others on this site. You have done a great job by proving a solution to Vaginismus. I don't have words to express my joy. Every women who has this problem would understand the amount of mental tension one gets. I am an overcomer and am very proud of myself. It has been a long journey for me. I have been trying to have intercourse for 5-1/2 years but no success. I never experienced pain but had fear in my mind. My first experience with the gynecologist was horrible. I changed my gynecologist and she also couldn't explain me the problem that I had. I was literally falling apart and prayed for a miracle everyday. My husband is very understanding and loving. He has a lot of patience. We saw your site one day but couldn't decide what to do. Finally, we ordered the whole Vaginismus kit this May. I followed every step carefully and with a positive attitude and finally yesterday I did it. I am so grateful to you, please keep helping women like me. You are my miracle. Thank you so much."

"I was prescribed your dilators...I used them regularly and found that they were easy to use, clean, and they worked very well for me."  

"We don't know how to thank you. I did not think sex was possible. Every time we tried having sex we were unsuccessful. After 4 years of dating and then getting married. Sex was not a part of our lives which left me feeling frustrated . Even the OBGYN said there was nothing wrong and all I need is time. Time- how much time was the question. That's when we came across this web site and I was willing to give it a try. I think getting the complete kit was the best thing I ever did. After going through the program I was finally able to have my husband inside me. I can't tell you how grateful I am to this website. Thank you..Thank you..Thank you."

"If there is anything at all that you guys need help with please don’t hesitate to ask. I know I am no professional, but I would love to help in anyway that I can to free women from the bondage that vaginismus holds us in. I am forever grateful for the way God has used you and Mark in so many of our lives…I’m sure each day you are in awe of the dreams He has helped you both to accomplish."

"You have helped so many people with this difficult problem and given them hope in their life, and now you are helping me, too. Thank you once again so kindly. I hope to let you know soon that I have succeeded with overcoming this problem. Thank you so much for your support. God bless you."

"I searched the web, books, and doctors for a couple of years searching for a solution to this problem. All I read was that you needed to find some dilators and practice inserting them. Of course, no one explained where to find them or how to do this. The package I received from you put all the pieces together... I also really love the tone of your written materials. I feel like you empower women like me in a gentle, non-threatening way. Finally, someone who didn't respond to my problem with a huge question mark on their foreheads. Trust me, you are the only ones....I think your program is wonderful and have passed your web site on to my doctor, at her request, so she can help her other patients with this problem. It's ironic, but I have given her the instructions on how to treat this problem based exclusively on your materials. Thanks again…"

"These support groups offer the support and encouragement I need to keep making progress on my vaginismus journey. I’m so grateful to Natalie and the other participants for helping me feel seen, worthy, and capable of overcoming vaginismus-something I often felt hopeless about on my own."

"This was an amazing discovery. I had been to several doctors and given all kinds of excuses for what was wrong with me. Most of the time I was simply told to try lubricant or a different position. No one could tell my why I was the way I was. I had been fine until about 8 years into my marriage. Then the pain started and escalated until sex was non-existent in our relationship. It was really taking a toll. Eventually we divorced, partly due to this problem. After I got myself together I went looking for the answers that no one else could give me and I finally discovered the truth about what was wrong with me. I ordered the booklets and started from page one finding a solution. It took awhile and was at times a little discouraging. Sometimes you don't progress as fast as you want to. Eventually, I made it to the end of the book and had done the exercises as described. Now, finally I have a relationship that is healthy, happy, and PAIN FREE!!! It was worth every cent and every moment to discover the truth and find happiness again. I would suggest this to anyone who has had even the slightest problem with intercourse. Find the answers before it gets so bad you give up ever being happy. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Again, thank you!!!"

"I am thrilled to say that thanks to your book and kit, I have now overcome vaginismus! After many years of marriage, my husband and I are finally having intercourse. The tips and support provided in this book, opened up many locked away emotions, isolation, fears, doubts and secrets. I just assumed that I had some sort of serious issue with sex, that nobody else could possibly have experienced. I kept just hoping that one day the problem would disappear, but days turned into years, and the problem was never resolved. I was able to release so many emotions and doubts just knowing that other people actually had the same secret struggle. This book was a complete gift emotionally, and the trainers were a physical gift. The combination resulted in success for my husband and I. Thank you so very much!"

"Thank you very much for the helpful detailed suggestions. I greatly appreciate all your help. By the way, I really like the handle and the lubricant as well."

"I got your vaginismus program a month ago. Only 8 days I needed to resolve my 8-year-problem. I could not believe it. Therefore, I waited and I even repeated some steps to be sure that I was cured. It was so easy to have intercourse. Still I was skeptic, and I thought that maybe we are not doing it right. It was so hard to deal with the success. Thanks to your advice I knew that it was to be expected. I cannot find the words to thank you for your book, for your customer service and every advice you gave me. My life has a new beginning. We are planning our own family and our marriage has improved dramatically. Thank you!"

"My GP was actually really sensitive, a gentle woman. The best thing she said was not to try to have sex through the pain, to stop having sex altogether until I had resolved the vaginismus. This really took the pressure off as I was able to tell my husband this (although it was of course hard for him)....So it was off to the internet I went...came to your website and bought the kit. This step was a huge relief and empowering, I remember feeling that it was fantastic to be actually doing something towards changing our situation. I'm going to write a letter to all my caregivers telling them about my "recovery", and about your kit....You can feel very proud that you have put together a product which has helped so many women. It can be a lonely road to recovery, but your product and forum made us realize we weren't alone, and that this too would pass. Thank you from the bottom of my heart....P.S. Feel free to use any of my words in your promotional material."

"I recently just bought your eBook and have started the program for helping to treat and beat vaginismus. Just want to say so pleased with the results so far & praying they continue. Thank you for creating something to help so many women in such an intimate and sensitive part of their lives in a very nonjudgmental, comforting way."

"I had been using vaginal dilators for 5 months...I tried several times to have i/c with my husband, but never could. Your book gave me the clues to attempt i/c without problems...I have strongly recommended your book in some support groups because I think it can help many women like me. Please keep on helping women and thank you very much."

"I'd like to thank you from the heart, I'd like to thank you with every breath. Today I've just got the set with the book. I'm immensely grateful for you help and care. Can't find words to express. Just thank you."

"It was amazing meeting other real women whose stories were so similar to mine . . I looked forward to meeting with our group each week - loved our group!"

"I ordered the complete kit from you all a few weeks ago (and I'm loving the program so much!!!)"

"I just wanted to let you know how truly grateful I am for all that your training kit has done to improve not only my physical health, but also my mental health!"

"I just wanted to send a note and express my thankfulness for this program. My partner and I had been trying for 1 year, I went to my family doctor he had no solutions and sent me to an OB, she said I was just nervous and wasn’t ready, she said just keep trying and it should work eventually. It just kept getting worse because that obviously was not the solution. I felt like I was never going to overcome this and no one would be able to help. After much googling, I stumbled across your program and we decided lets just order it to try. Day by day I worked through the program with the help of my partner, and finally about 3 months it worked. We actually ended up getting pregnant within 1 week because I had gone off birth control!! We were so surprised but couldn’t help but be happy because I had begun thinking I would never be able to have kids.

I think this is something that doctors are clearly not educated enough about and don’t take it seriously. It had a huge impact on our lives and our relationship. I cannot say thank you enough for putting time into this, making the packaging so nice and welcoming and having a support team that makes you feel not so alone in this very uncomfortable and sad problem that many women face. Thank you!"  

"I had never been able to achieve intercourse with my boyfriend of 5 years, and after we got married, it was even more devastating to not be able to participate in a healthy sex life. I felt like a failure as a woman, and my hopes for a family with the man of my dreams were slowly melting away. I was finally diagnosed with vaginismus at age 22, and the doctor handed over a set of medical-grade dilators that were not lifelike, comfortable or even possible to insert, and no explanation on how to use them or how my muscles/anatomy would be affected at all. That’s when I started doing research on dilator kits, and I thankfully came across your website!!

After ordering the kit and following the training book step by step over a three month period, my husband and I were finally able to have successful intercourse! I feel so strong, capable and in control of my own body!! I feel like my future as a woman and the future of my marriage have opened up completely, and I can not thank you enough for all the positive changes I have seen in myself. It wasn’t always easy, but your program’s encouraging, knowledgable information and messages kept me going every step of the way!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!"

"I was married for about five months before I was able to have sex with my husband. It is because of the Vaginismus complete set, kit and book that my husband and I have been able to enjoy pain-free sex. I know there are so many girls out there who are in the same confusing and depressing position I was once in, and I want to tell my story so that other girls know they’re not alone"

"I was so happy to be in a [support] group like this. It exceeded by hopes and expectations."

"I found your books .. really good for always taking into account that things might have been different for those of us with secondary vaginismus. Having secondary vaginismus, my biggest question was "why"? If I'd been able to have sex in the past, with my husband and previously numerous other partners, even one night stands (laying to rest the idea that you have to have a "trusting" relationship to be able to relax and have pain-free sex), why were my husband and I now unable to have sex? Although the journalling aspects of the early steps in the workbook helped, I'm not sure I truly understood "why" until we successfully had sex again after going through your program, when I was able to step back from it all. - I think for me it was just a cycle of getting complacent in our sexual relationship (it becoming a chore, you're used to each other and its not that mad rush to rip each others clothes off!!), not enough foreplay and not being aroused enough, it being uncomfortable to begin with, me tensing up, then it hurting. Then next time, my body expected it to hurt, tensed up, and the whole cycle continued. Ignoring the problem and hoping it would go away didn't work, it just made it worse and made us both feel terrible."

"5 out of 5 stars!!! Seriously, thank you for offering this [support group]. I know it’s a lot of preparation and I appreciate all you’ve done."

"It may be a bit late to send this message, I'd like to thank you again, now I can live a normal life… I suffered for 11 months, I suffered for more than 330 days, I could even count them in hours and minutes. I was about to break up. I suffered to know what was wrong with my wife or even with me!, I suffered to get the remedy. From a deep heart, I want to thank every single person in your company. Now, I can feel God's gift of being normal."

"This book helped me a lot. I was unable to take the gynecological exam for 3 years. But I dedicated myself to following the book's instructions and overcame this difficulty. I live in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and bought the physical book in Portuguese."

"I just wanted to add--I've used the Hope & Hers kit to great success. As a longtime sufferer of vaginismus well into my twenties, I finally had a treatment program in place to help me conquer the pain. I recommended it to my younger sister recently after we were able to talk about, what seems to me to still be, a taboo subject on women's pain during intercourse."

"It is awesome and I like the idea that everything is discussed in great detail for me to understand why things are happening the way it does! Already, just by reading the book, I'm starting to feel like a new person...I just wanted to thank you."  

"Thank you so much for the help and awesome customer service."

Hi all I just wanted to share that after months of all this adventure with the dilators and the book with the step by step I just had intercourse for the first time! I feel so powerful and proud of myself! We can do this!!!

"Thank you so much! You have helped me a lot!

"Many thanks. And thank you once again for providing hope and the tools required for us women who are quietly suffering, to overcome this condition. You guys are awesome!!"

"Thank you very much for your support! Best Customer Care!!"

"Thank you ever so much for your care and concern for that which I need to restore. Us poor women have been neglected for so long. Now, caring people and companies like yourself, are bringing hope and healing to women across the world. My husband I are SO, so grateful to you."

"Hi, while giving birth to my son I got a 2nd degree tear on my perineum...went for physical therapy to learn to control my lower pelvic muscles because they were spasming during pelvic exams and we couldn't have intercourse - too painful. My physical therapist recommended the dilators to help...The dilators also helped me gage when I was ready for intercourse. I worked up to the largest dilator and can now have normal intercourse...I liked the dilators because I was in control of them so I knew when to back off or continue. Your product had the best range of sizes and [other dilator products] were more expensive and would take longer to get. I found your product online and it had the sizes I needed. The dilators are very easy to use and clean."

"Also just wanted to let you and all the Hope & Her founders and team know that I "randomly" found your website about a week and a half ago and was very encouraged and hopeful by what I read. It totally described my situation and gave me hope for getting the right kind of help. Also while reading the website and also watching the videos I downloaded, I felt there is a very wholesome feeling about sex and sexuality in the way the issues are portrayed."

"Thank you...Your prompt response was stellar!"

"Thank you for the confirmation and for your prompt and courteous service all throughout!"

"God bless you guys!!! Thank you for all you do for women with abnormal vaginal issues!!!"

"Thanks so much for your help...and thanks so much for having the products and Dr told me about your site... I have scar tissue from radiation treatments and starting my life over now... I was so grateful to be able to find information and products... Thanks so much...will be passing your site to anyone who asks!!"

"I can't thank you enough for this! This says a lot about you and a lot about your Brand. This is a huge step for me, and I'm so glad my treatment will start using your products. Once again, I can't thank you enough for this."

"Thank you for your excellent customer service! Thank you very very very much."

"I’m very grateful to you. Wishing you health happiness and may you always be surrounded by love."

"Thank you so much for your help and kindness."

"You did not promise too much...very good set of dilators...I value them because of the quality of the materials used, the easy way of cleaning them and the general way of using them."

"Thank you...your dilators were a tremendous help."

"I have bought your dilator set and it came 3 weeks ago to Turkey. My wife tried it and result is very good. We have been married for 4 months. And we can make it successfully after your dilator set. Thank you very much."

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the quality product that you have provided. My husband and I waited to have sex until our wedding night and after multiple tries at intercourse, I just couldn’t get past the severe pain. Something felt seriously wrong, we did some research on the web and stumbled upon your site. Upon returning from our honeymoon we ordered the trainer set. After using the set for less than a week, I saw incredible progress and last night we were able to consummate our marriage. I was amazed at how fast it worked for me. What an incredible gift, can’t thank you enough!"

"I am a 55 year old single woman. I am so grateful that I found this website and product. I wish that I had known about this common problem. I really thought that sex was never going to be a part of my life again after menopause. It would be nice if we could educate more women, but it seems that male sexual problems (how many Viagra commercials do we have to see?) are more talked about than women’s. I will recommend this product to other women that I know but it would have been great if my gynecologist had informed me 3 years ago when I was going through menopause that vaginal atrophy could happen to me (especially since I never had a natural childbirth (2 c-sections), was a smoker and did not have a partner during menopause). I did so much research on my own to try and figure out what was going on after he (my gynecologist) prescribed Estring and it just wasn’t enough. Ironically, after a few unreturned phone calls to his office, I went online and found this site, his office finally called back and recommended vaginal dilators right after I had ordered them . .thanks again."

"I never would have thought I of all people would tell my story on here. But, after cancer of uterus and total hysterectomy...I found myself in the position of VERY painful sex with my husband. It just kept getting worse. I was not diagnosed, however my doctor seemed to give enough info for me to research my symptoms. So I set out on the research of this "issue" myself. Thank you so much for this product. I found after using the dilators for only 5 days...I had the best relations with my husband...and It was TOTALLY pain free! Oh thank you!! This web site will be given to a few friends who have told me they have issues as well. I feel like I have my life back now."

"I bought your dilator set a few months ago, and I’ve been...well, pleased isn’t the right word since I wouldn’t call overcoming vaginismus pleasant. But I’m thankful for your product."

"Hi. I hope that you are doing well? And me? I am VERY happy this morning!...Thank you ever so much, for making sure this could happen for me and my husband. SO appreciate it. :))"

"I wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I was with your product and customer service. I am a widow and while starting a new relationship, I realized I had a problem. I used your product and am happy to say that within two weeks, we were well on our way. Your customer service was wonderful as well, very helpful. Thank you so very much!

"What amazing customer service! I have a friend who is going through the same thing, and I’m definitely going to recommend this website to her. Thank you thank you thank you."

"Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to work with me. I appreciate your extreme professionalism and taking the time to research."

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you who sent me the book that I find extremely helpful to me."

"Thank you so much for your help and prompt assistance!! Much appreciated."

"Thank you for your professionalism."

"Thank you for giving me attention and answered me so quickly...I was very happy to get a second opinion...You do a great job, keep it up."

"Thank-you from the Netherlands – Everything turned out well. I want to thank you very much for the trouble you took & your service. Much appreciated."

"Thank you very much. Your service has been excellent."

"I am writing to congratulate you on your service, I appreciate the empathy you had for my case, the answers you gave and the efficiency to support me and my husband in this process. I would like to issue a congratulations for your work...please share it...I appreciate it a lot."

Even More Customer Feedback!

"I will be very happy to recommend your company to anyone I know who has this problem. Once again, thank you."

"I would like to start from the beginning of my vaginismus story. I’m a 27 yrs old woman. I got married in Jan 2007. Sexual intercourse for my husband and me was impossible for us due to the pain. I had taken biology but my practical knowledge about the anatomy was very low and so too was my husband’s. We were very stressed and very disappointed with ourselves. My husband and I went to see a VOG and was prescribed a lubricant. It didn’t work. Hopelessly, we went again to see the doctor and he suggested to stretch my vaginal opening by a small operation. We agreed and had it done at the end of January. We tried again & again with different postures but the pain remained and the intercourse was still impossible. We stopped to see the doctor & my husband and I decided to go through the internet for a more comfortable lubricant and by miracle GOT YOUR WEB SITE!. We immediately decided to order your complete program. We got the program at the end of March. I still can’t believe our success! I followed every step little by little. Started muscle group exercises at the end of March and continued for 2 weeks. I realised great progress...thanks to God and to you! husband and I were able to have our 1st intercourse by a full penis insertion!!! without any pain...Your guidance was the secret behind our success! I will definitely tell about this to our doctor and make him aware about vaginismus and give him a copy of your magical journal! It gave life to us and now, we’re trying for a baby...after 6 months of our marriage we were able to achieve the intercourse!(Jan-Jun) THANK YOU!!! Keep going with your magnificent service throughout the world and give hope and courage to every one who suffers from vaginismus!...GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR COMPANY!!!"

"I am already enjoying a much better and healthier sex life, and loving it. The fear has gone...I finally feel normal and more confident. I have passed the details to my local GP and Chemist in the hopes that someone else may benefit from my experience...Thank you again."

"Thanks a ton for your fast and courteous customer service. I hope to hold that kind of attitude in my business dealings as well."

"My experience with ordering from [] was very positive...I wrote to customer service and voiced my concerns. A representative wrote back and gave me some excellent advice and encouragement. I’ve had vestibulitis for many years and had a vestibulectomy over a year ago. Sexual intercourse was still too painful for me. After using the trainers as directed for the past few months, my husband and I have been able to enjoy intercourse again! Thank you so much!"

"Thanks for another quick response. :). I must say this kind of after sell assistance, can turn customer remorse (if any) into contentment."

"Thank you so much. The item arrived this morning, and looks excellent! Thank you again for your wonderful website, fine products, and outstanding customer service!"  

"We thank you for a excellent service and speed of response to us, and will commend you always. Once again, thank for your cooperation with us."

"Just though to let you know that we have received out Program near the end of last week – sorry I couldn’t notify you earlier. Thanks again for your exceptional professionalism and help – it is a pleasure working with you. Have a blessed week!"

"I thank you very much for your prompt answer!! You really do have a fantastic customer care!! I can’t stop being amazed at it! Now, all I need is to receive the program that everyone is so much praising!!

"Thank you for your prompt response and the action you have taken. Your customer care is impressive."

You really have top class customer service. Meg was really very helpful and responded promptly to each of my emails...I am a very satisfied customer. You guys rock!!!"

"Just wanted to let you know I did receive the 2nd package you sent me. Thank you very much for helping me with replacing the lost package, it is greatly appreciated and thank you for giving me such great customer service."

"How wonderful to deal with folks that do business the way you do...Your service and education is such a needed gift to those who are struggling with this issue."

"My earlier reply was just to thank you for sending the tracking number and for being so responsive and professional. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your company."

"Thank you not only for your help and perseverance. Above all thank you for your kindness."

"I’m a stickler for customer service and it’s obvious you take it seriously."

"Thank you for your reply which has helped a lot. I also phoned one of the therapists who gave you feedback on the website who has confirmed what you have said. We have been told in the past by a relationship counsellor that they had never heard of this issue before (this was before we knew of the word ‘vaginismus’) and I’m sure you can imagine the relief many years later when we stumbled a few weeks ago onto your website. Having this situation normalised is already starting to reduce the fear of it not ever getting better."

"Oh my goodness, thank you so much. I was just diagnosed with this condition a few days ago, so I am new to the entire aspect. I appreciate all of the support that I have gotten from this website so far, and look forward to being a part of the community. The help and kindness I have gotten from the respondents of my message, and the overall quality of the website has been a great network of support and security. Thank you again."

"Thank you very much. I really appreciate you living up to the standards of an organization with quality customer service."

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