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Vaginismus Solutions

Say Goodbye to Impossible Penetration


End the Reaction

The Hope&Her program helps women eliminate a muscle reaction to vaginal penetration, vaginismus, by combining effective physical products with focused mental approaches.

Our products have enabled thousands of women to overcome vaginismus using a strategic plan of action—a treatment perfect for regaining physical intimacy, restoring wholeness, and rekindling marriages.

Hope&Her's vaginismus treatment kit, including a set of vaginal dilators, book on overcoming vaginismus, ebook, and a video series.

More than 100 hospitals, clinics, and specialists from around the world use and recommend our products to their clients, establishing us as the industry leader for nearly 20 years and counting.


Our patented vaginal dilator set has been used by thousands of women to overcome vaginismus and other conditions, including vaginal atrophy and post-surgery recovery.

Book with an illustrated cover about pelvic pain, titled completely overcoming vaginismus.

Through our informative website, products, program, and support groups, we provide everything you need to overcome vaginismus in the privacy, security, and comfort of your own home.

Overcome Vaginal Pain

Solutions for:

- Ongoing Painful Sex

- Unconsummated Couples

- Vaginal Tightness/Burning

- Penetration Difficulties

- Age-Related Sexual Pain

- Pain after Surgery

- Pain after Childbirth

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The Blocked Entrance

If you're a female who finds sex painful or altogether impossible, who has trouble undergoing a pelvic exam, or has difficulty inserting tampons, you're not alone. You may have a condition called vaginismus [vaj-uh-niz-muhs].

Vaginismus is an involuntary muscle reaction, triggered by an event the body has filed away as harmful. It's the same reaction we have when a ball is thrown at our faces—our bodies become tense, and our eyes tightly close. 

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For Women of All Ages

Smiling woman hugging smiling man from behind
What Causes Vaginismus?
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Set of six multi-sized graduated vaginal dilators, along with a lined cotton storage bag and universal handle
Vaginal Dilators
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Estrogen-Related Changes
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Vaginismus Diagnosis
Vaginismus Diagnosis
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Complete vaginismus treatment kit, which includes a book on overcoming vaginismus, ebook version, set of six vaginal dilators, and a video series
Vaginismus Treatment Kit
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Vaginismus FAQ
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"These trainers are perfect. They have a handle that makes it easy for my patients to use, discreet so you can carry them without embarrassment and compact so that they can take them anywhere."

Hina Sheth MS, PT, OCS, MTC
Rebalance Physical Therapy

"I sent you positive feedback about your trainer set originally in 2006. Now it is years later and I have found your trainer set to be one of the most valuable tools still that we recommend to patients."

Dr. Pamela Wiles, MS, DPT, BCB-PMD, IMTC

"I would just like to send a belated thank you to you and your company. We now have a little baby boy and without your help I doubt he would be here. Thank you! Thank you! "

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