Video series covering information and advice about vaginismus, displayed on a smartphone and tablet.

Vaginismus Video Series


Educational Video Series: Steps to Overcome Vaginismus

Educational Video Series: Steps to Overcome Vaginismus

Journey to Success

An engaging and informational series of 8 animated videos, each covering a 2 to 5 minute long specific focus. The Road to Hope series was created to educate and inspire females going through the vaginismus treatment program.


Viewers will get a front-row seat from the beginning (diagnosis) to the end (successful intercourse)!


Product Code: T8077

Animated doctor talking to patient about vaginismus from video series
Image from vaginismus video series of couple holding hands and being encouraged

Message of Encouragement

Designed as an option to accompany our dilators, the Road to Hope video series is a useful and effective addition to vaginismus treatment plans.


Her story is based on many of our customers' experiences from the past 20 years, who overcame vaginismus. Through them, we were able to create a fictional character to help encourage you in your path to victory.

A Relatable Experience

The series details one woman's experience as she learns how to train her muscles to relax, through a range of desensitization exercises and dilator insertions. She also shares plateau tips, because plateaus can happen to anyone and can be effectively overcome.


During the last episode, she and her husband will open up as they discuss what the process was like for them—even the process of building intimacy and regaining desire again.

Couple kissing after woman has successfully overcome vaginismus