Vaginismus Support Groups

Vaginismus Support Groups

Start 2022 Connected and in Community!

Many women are seeking not just physical products to overcome vaginismus, but a supportive, loving community to help them feel accepted and cared for as they undergo their journey. A community that can serve as a source for advice and help, to share smiles and tears, to experience shared joys and new accomplishments.

Our team has been working hard to create an amazing solution to fill that need, combining the closeness of face-to-face interaction with the comfort and privacy of home. After a successful pilot program, we are proud to release our newest resource: support groups via Zoom.

You no longer have to go through vaginismus alone! We have curated questions that are aimed to encourage sharing, digging deeper, connecting, and moving forward. Support groups will serve to connect you with other women progressing through vaginismus recovery, and will feature opportunities to talk, share, and grow with women on a similar journey. Each week, we will walk through different topics related to vaginismus (eg. shame, relationships, avoidance, progress, etc.). This will be a space of community, confidentiality, and absolutely no judgement. We are excited to meet you there!

Such an excellent opportunity for encouragement and progress in my journey . . . so blessed to form a sisterhood with real women facing the same real struggles and overcoming together!” - Member from Texas
I got more out of this (meeting women with vaginismus) more than the past 9 months doing dilator training with a pelvic floor physical therapist. Sure, I made progress in my body during that time, but this group allowed me to make the emotional progress that had been holding me back from true recovery. - Member from Fall 2021
I really enjoy the group. I feel it has been helpful, informative, and motivating. - Member from USA
It was invaluable for me to meet other women with vaginismus. I felt alone for too long. It was healing to share my story and be validated by women who could relate. Thank you for providing a safe space to process. - Member from May 2021


**New Groups Start Early January - Sign Up Today**

Sessions run 1.5 hours per week for 5 weeks.

  • Tuesday Group: Jan 11-Feb 8, 2022 @ 10:00-11:30am PST
  • Wednesday Group: Jan 12-Feb 9, 2022 @ 5:00-6:30pm PST
  • Cost: $100.00
  • Sign up by clicking on the group button.
  • Participants must have our Vaginismus Treatment Kit, Interactive Guide to Pain-Free Sex, OR Completely Overcome Vaginismus program.
  • For questions and more information - Please contact