Vaginismus is Treatable!


Vaginismus is treatable. Good information and help is available. Couples are often astonished at how quickly they resolve problems that plagued them for months or years. Pain, discomfort, tightness, and yes, even unconsummated relationships are remarkably restored to normal. With treatment, the body heals and comfortable intercourse becomes a new reality.

Tremendous strides have been made in treatment, and helpful specialists from a variety of professions are more available and common than they have ever been. Truly, it has never been easier. Modern advancements with shared knowledge have brought practical and effective solutions, and specialists are there for helping in virtually any area of struggle.

How do you self-treat vaginismus?

Successful treatment combines pelvic floor control exercises, insertion or dilation training, pain elimination techniques, transition steps, and exercises designed to help women identify, express and resolve any contributing emotional components. Treatment steps can often be completed at home, allowing a woman to work at her own pace in privacy, or in cooperation with her health care provider.
  • Penetration difficulties from vaginismus are fully treatable and can be completely overcome with no remaining pain or discomfort.
  • Women experiencing ongoing sexual tightness, discomfort and pain, penetration problems, or unconsummated relationships can expect remarkable resolution of their vaginismus, allowing resumption of full, pain-free intercourse.
  • Treatment steps can usually be completed at home using a self-help approach, allowing a woman to work at her own pace in privacy, or in cooperation with her health care provider or specialist.
  • Vaginismus treatment exercises follow a manageable, step-by-step process.
      Couples are often amazed by the sudden life-changing effects of treatment, following a step-by-step approach.

      Why a treatment program is important

      Critical steps to treat vaginismus are confusing and counter-intuitive without good information. The internet is full of inaccurate advice, and there's even much confusion among physicians. Failure at any point inhibits recovery and can cause avoidance or abandonment of progress. It is unquestionably best to approach vaginismus with solid information to ensure rapid success. 
      We are proud to be the leading voice in accessible self-treatment. We've simplified the entire process in our guide, Completely Overcome Vaginismus, to make it as effective and as easy-to-follow as possible.can be reviewed at home in privacy.
      Self-treatment allows women to progress at their own pace, consulting with physicians or specialists as needed, should any difficulties arise.
      Vaginismus affects women of all ages, from newlyweds struggling with impossible penetration to mature women encountering unexplained sexual pain after years of pleasurable intimacy. For the last 20 years, Completely Overcome Vaginismus has been the go-to guide—for women and professionals alike—to confront this condition. This fully revised, 20th anniversary edition, updates the most effective approaches for successful resolution.

      Limbic system retraining

      Vaginismus is caused by a limbic system response toward penetration that activates vaginal muscle tightness.The limbic system, also known as the feeling and reacting part of the brain, controls functions needed for self-preservation. Among the system's many responsibilities, it is involved with interpreting events and body protections for emotions and memory to trigger necessary body reactions. The mind and body can hold a negative view of different forms of penetration that trigger a physical over-reactionThe good news is that this associative reaction can be changed through desensitization, for complete resolution of vaginismus.