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"The books already arrived on Thursday the 28th of January. Very impressive, will tell my clients to order directly from you, as it is much cheaper then getting it locally."

Matty Silver
Sexual Health Therapist

"...Best we have ever seen!! The content, set-up of the content, thoroughness of descriptions and diagrams make it so easy to follow. Everyone should know about your books."

Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner
Internationally recognized sexual therapists, educators and authors

"I have just seen your books from a patient and love the diagrams (plus the books). I have ordered 2 sets for our clinic and patients... Thank you for your great web site and your products.

Mary Wood, PT
Cura Physical Therapies

"I am very pleased with your product … patients come in early to read the book and many have asked how to get a hold of the workbook."

Hollis Herman, MS PT OCS BCIAC-fellow

"I am a psychosexual therapist working for myself and for the NHS, in England. One of my clients has just shown me your book. I am interested in using it here … I am very impressed with the book that she has shown me."

Pat Clark, BASRT & UKCP accredited
Psychosexual Therapist/RGN

"I am a physical therapist that treats women with pelvic pain … I have your books and find the information in them beneficial for my patients."

Giselle Roedel, DPT

"I am a physical therapist specializing in women’s health and have several patients with vaginismus or dyspareunia. I just finished reading your book and it is excellent and very helpful. I have already recommended it to two of my patients… I found it very well written, easily understandable for a lay-person, and a much needed resource… Thank you very much for the sample trainers. I plan to give my patients the option to choose between your brand and the one we have stocked right now. I like that your trainers are tapered at the end for greater ease of insertion. I think I may prefer the size also after holding the two products side by side. I will be taking them to a talk I am giving to a support group as well. I like your website and continue to refer people to both the website and your products. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from my patients in response."

Susan Decker, PT
The Rehabilitation and Health Center

"I am a medical doctor and specialist in sexual health in Australia. I have recently received a copy of your book on vaginismus which I found an excellent resource. Apart from my practice I have a family company that provides books and products to the sexual health profession in Australia and New Zealand. Our company is called Intimate Solutions Pty Ltd. Because of the value I found in the two books I would like to offer them to the Australian practitioner and their patients/clients."

Dr Rosie King
Intimate Solutions Pty, Ltd

"I have treated women with vaginismus for over 20 years. Your products, and especially your books, are very helpful. They take the woman through a series of steps from education about vaginismus, exercises to prepare them for fixing the problem, and beyond. I use your materials, along with coaching women through difficult times and helping their partners understand what is happening, all with an excellent success rate. As you say, vaginismus is highly treatable. Congratulations on your most helpful work."

S. Ann Hartlage, Ph.D.
Director, Marital and Sex Therapy Program


"I am extremely grateful … when I received the books and read about vaginismus I finally realized that I was not alone. Like many, many women, I had been to my gynecologist several times and she said that there was nothing wrong with me. She could not offer me explanation as to why any attempt at intercourse was so very painful … after about one and a half months … I was able to have intercourse."

"I've already watched the [video] and started to read the book. It is awesome and I like the idea that everything is discussed in great detail for me to understand why things are happening the way it does! Already, just by reading the book, I'm starting to feel like a new person … I just wanted to thank you"

"I have moved through all 10 steps now and my husband and I have been able to have sexual intercourse! It is very exciting to overcome a problem that had consumed my life in the past. Thanks again for a very successful and encouraging program!!"

"Hi, I bought one of your treatment packs and I'm really pleased with the results so far, so thank you very much! I think the tone of your book is brilliant and it is a great help knowing there are people who understand what I'm going through … Thank you again"

"The book is great and I love the journal. The best part is the "leading" questions. Sometimes it is hard to think why you have this problem. The questions make you think of all angles … it is the best program … nobody understood my issue like you do."

"I purchased your 10-steps book and have been going through all the steps. It is the most comprehensive and helpful information I have found about vaginismus and overcoming it."

"I love the positive tone of the book. Though shame and fear are thoroughly covered, you don't stay there … physical treatment section was excellent. I know this is your area of expertise and it really showed."

"I had been using vaginal dilators for 5 months … I tried several times to have i/c with my husband, but never could. Your book gave me the clues to attempt i/c without problems … I have strongly recommended your book in some support groups because I think it can help many women like me. Please keep on helping women and thank you very much."

"I found your books (the book and work book) really good for always taking into account that things might have been different for those of us with secondary vaginismus. Having secondary vaginismus, my biggest question was "why"? If I'd been able to have sex in the past, with my husband and previously numerous other partners, even one night stands (laying to rest the idea that you have to have a "trusting" relationship to be able to relax and have pain-free sex), why were my husband and I now unable to have sex? Although the journalling aspects of the early steps in the workbook helped, I'm not sure I truly understood "why" until we successfully had sex again after going through your program, when I was able to step back from it all. - I think for me it was just a cycle of getting complacent in our sexual relationship (it becoming a chore, you're used to each other and its not that mad rush to rip each others clothes off!!), not enough foreplay and not being aroused enough, it being uncomfortable to begin with, me tensing up, then it hurting. Then next time, my body expected it to hurt, tensed up, and the whole cycle continued. Ignoring the problem and hoping it would go away didn't work, it just made it worse and made us both feel terrible."

"First of all, I am glad to say that my girlfriend and I are past vaginismus!!! She had a combination of Primary and secondary vaginismus... Your book was the best that I have found … I own about 5 on the subject, and yours, hands down is it. I think people are looking for the step-by-step "procedure" if you want to call it that … In short, your book is awesome"

"I am thrilled to say that thanks to your book and kit, I have now overcome vaginismus! After many years of marriage, my husband and I are finally having intercourse. The tips and support provided in this book, opened up many locked away emotions, isolation, fears, doubts and secrets. I just assumed that I had some sort of serious issue with sex, that nobody else could possibly have experienced. I kept just hoping that one day the problem would disappear, but days turned into years, and the problem was never resolved. I was able to release so many emotions and doubts just knowing that other people actually had the same secret struggle. This book was a complete gift emotionally, and the trainers were a physical gift. The combination resulted in success for my husband and I. Thank you so very much!"

"I thought I would write to you and say that your book and the dilators were very helpful indeed. It took me about 3 months to go through all the 10 steps thoroughly and at the end of it, I was able to have sex for the first time! It was a very emotional experience for me, and somewhat overwhelming. I thought the book was written in a very clear and concise manner. I was able to follow each step appropriately, and with sheer determination and an understanding partner, I was able to achieve Step 10. I really don't think there were any areas you could have improved on … It answered all the questions/doubts that I had. So, thanks once again … your help is much appreciated."

"It may be a bit late to send this message, I'd like to thank you again, now I can live a normal life. I got married in August 2nd, 2015. I suffered for 11 month, I suffered for more than 330 days, I could even count them in hours and minutes. I was about to break up. I suffered to know what was wrong with my wife or even with me!, I suffered to get the remedy. From a deep heart, I want to thank every single person in your company. Now, I can feel God's gift of being normal."

"This book helped me a lot. I was unable to take the gynecological exam for 3 years. But I dedicated myself to following the book's instructions and overcame this difficulty. I live in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and bought the physical book in Portuguese. Even with the import fee it was very worth it."

"I just wanted to add--I've used the Hope & Hers kit to great success. As a longtime sufferer of vaginismus well into my twenties, I finally had a treatment program in place to help me conquer the pain. I recommended it to my younger sister recently after we were able to talk about, what seems to me to still be, a taboo subject on women's pain during intercourse."