"Dear God, should I swipe right?"

Remember the very first time you watched “The Notebook” and your mind began writing its own fairytale in which you meet and fall in love with your very own modern-day Noah?

You’d be sitting at Starbucks sipping a latte when from across the room, your glance catches his. He makes his way over to you and—wait, it’s 2019, and people just don’t meet each other this way anymore. It's frustrating!

If you’ve been single at any point, then you've likely experienced the woes that come along with datingWe want to date so that we can eventually find our spouse and live happily ever after, right? Well…yes and no. Maybe we're not ready for actual commitment; or maybe we just yearn for fun, friendship or love. We might date with the intent to marry; however, it’s unlikely (for most of us) that the first relationship we ever have with another person results in marriage.

Online dating helps in some ways, but adds challenges in other ways. We date and learn how to love, just as we learn and grow in every other area. When we were children, our immaturity painted a simplified picture - there is so much more that goes into finding a spouse and growing an amazing marriage. 

When we're married, we have to learn all over again how to have a happy marriage, how to be a loving spouse, how to be close emotionally and physically, and how to grow to be effective.

So the next time you’re on Tinder, just remember that dating and relationships are all just a part of learning and growing. Swipe right!

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